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My Cottage BBQ & Brew Volleyball rec rules and regulations.


There are six players on the beach at any one time. Except for the four’s night. There has to be at least 2 girls on the court at all times for rec nights.


The players will rotate in a clockwise direction. The player who has served will rotate off if desired by team. The player rotating on comes in at the center back position.


The referee shall have complete charge of the game.


A service is the act of putting the ball in play by the player behind the baseline, by batting it over the net and into the opponent's court with one hand or with the forearm. A person may serve from anywhere along the baseline. A serve may hit the net provided it goes over. An unsuccessful serve gives the opposition a point and the service.

Service Reception

All serves may be volleyed or bumped. A service may not be blocked.

Choice of Side

The captains will toss a coin for service or court at the beginning of the game.

Foot Fault

A server may not place his/her feet on or over the serving line until the ball has been struck.

Term of Service

A player may have five continuous serves unless a side-out is called. After the five legal serves from one player the team will rotate and a new team member will serve.

Change of Court

The players will change court at the end of each game


Each team is allowed two time-outs per game. The time-outs may be called at any time during the game when the ball is not in play.

Playing the Ball

A ball, including a service, contacting the net and going over is still in play. The ball may be played when any part of it has crossed the net. Recovery from the net - A ball other than a service may be recovered from the net provided the player avoids the net. The ball may be contacted with any part of the body, including an intentional kick using the foot.

Dead Ball

The ball is dead when the play is suspended. It is not dead until it hits the outside of the court or is declared dead.

Out of Bounds

The ball is out of bounds if it strikes anything outside the court except the player in the act of playing the ball. A ball that lands on the line is considered in.


A volleyball skill in which one or more defensive players attempt to intercept an opposition attach above the net before it enters the defensive teams court. After a legal block a blocker may hit the ball immediately again.


In rally point scoring any team can score a point whether they are serving or not. A point will always be scored during any stoppage of play unless it is a re-service.


The team who reaches 25 points first will be declared winner of the game. Any team must win by at least 2 points. Therefore, if the score is tied at 24-24, the final score must be 26-24 in favour of the winners. If the score is 25-25, the final score must be 27-25 in favour of the winners. There is no cap. A team must win by two points. Regular season all three games will be played. The playoffs will be the best of 3.